EQ Your Ears

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*for best results use a high quality playback system

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Instructions and Info


This site is a simple application designed to improve the ability of audio professionals and enthusiasts to quickly and accurately identify specific frequencies, which is an invaluable skill in both live and production settings.

By using this application, you can train your ear to swiftly eliminate feedback and to recognize how to get your tracks to “sit better” in your mix.

How It Works

  1. Press the Play Button to generate a tone.
  2. Identify the tone by ear, and pull the correct fader all the way down until audio playback stops and faders snap back into place, making note of which fader was associated with the audible tone.
  3. Practice using the app using different combinations of frequencies until you can easily identify which is playing.
  4. Become an audio ninja.


What are the buttons below the EQ?

Clicking on the buttons will add or remove frequencies from the possible choices to practice with. Example: if the 1k button is grey, it will be one of the tones that could be randomly chosen to play. If the 1k button is red, it will not be included in your selections to play.

(Pro-tip: Alt-Click on any button to turn all frequencies on or off)

Why are some of the buttons red when I load the page?

Depending on your playback system, you may not be able to reproduce all of the frequencies audible to humans. The default settings are a good starting point for anyone, and each user can adjust their settings to fit their setup.

(Pro-tip: Shift-Click any fader knob to hear that frequency, it’s a good way to get started if you’re not sure what some frequencies sound like)